What is the minimum amount I can buy?

In store the minimum length we cut is 25cm. If the fabric is less than £10/m then the minimum is 50cm. The minimum cut on all of our trimmings is 50cm.

Online our fabric is sold in multiples of 50cm.


Can I have fabric samples?

We are happy to offer a small selection of fabric samples for free, either from our Soho store, by post, or from the online shop.

If you would like to request samples from our Soho store by post please write to us at Cloth House, 47 Berwick Street, London, W1F 8SJ

Please include a note of the samples you would like and a stamped self addressed envelope so that we can post the samples back to you. We recommend sending an A5 envelope with a large letter stamp.

Samples are limited to around 3 per person so please bear this in mind and try to be specific about fabric types, colours and weights.

More information on sampling and mail orders are available here.


Can I buy fabric online?

We do have an online shop that offers a selection of Cloth House favourites, sold in multiples of 50cm. Online orders may take 5-7 days to be processed and delivered. Fabric orders are delivered by DHL and will need to be signed for. Delivery costs £7.50 within the UK, £18 for International, and £23 for USA, NZ and AU. Once the fabric is cut it cannot be returned.

There are samples available on the website so you can try before you buy, these are posted for free with Royal Mail 1st class.


Is your warehouse shop the same as your store in Soho?

Our warehouse shop is totally different to our Soho store. The fabrics in the warehouse shop are discontinued rolls from previous collections and are not available in our Soho store. Our warehouse shop does not provide a mail order service.


Do you sell gift vouchers?

We do sell Cloth House gift vouchers in our Soho store, via mail order and from the online shop. Gift vouchers can only be used in store, we cannot accept them as payment for mail orders or online orders. Gift vouchers are not available from our warehouse shop but they are accepted there.


Do you offer trade discounts?

Currently we are unable to offer wholesale prices.


Do you offer student discount?

All students who show a valid student card at our Soho store will be entitled to a 10% discount on purchases of £20 and over. This applies to fabric only, we do not offer it on the vintage trimmings, buttons or other items we sell. We do not offer student discount in our warehouse shop.


Are your fabrics suitable for furnishings?

We do not sell certified furnishing fabrics. You may be able to use some of our fabrics for curtains, covers and other interior uses. However, this is at the customers full discretion as none of our fabrics are treated to be fire-retardant, nor have they had furnishing rub tests carried out on them.


What are the care instructions for your latex?

Storage & Use:

Protect latex from prolonged exposure to light, particularly bright sunlight and strong UV light, as it can cause it to discolour.
It is advised to store latex garments in a black plastic bag, in a cupboard or drawer.
Avoid contact with metal, as this can discolour the latex. It permanently stains brown in contact with copper, copper containing alloys, brass or bronze. Pale coloured latex can even stain brown if handled after handling copper coins, so take care.
Avoid contact with oils, solvents and greases, which will destroy natural rubber.
Store below 26°C and away from heaters. Avoid damp storage conditions.
Keep latex away from sharp objects and fire.

Wash latex clothing immediately after wearing. Gentle hand wash in warm water, do not use soap or detergent. Take care not to scrub or wring the latex as this may damage it. Rinse well and pat the latex with a towel to get rid of excess water and moisture.
Air dry flat, and lightly dust with talcum powder before putting away.
Silicone spray can build the shine of latex.
Do not tumble dry, iron, or dry clean. 


What are the instructions for the Indigo dyes?

If you have bought our Indigo cakes from our Soho store, view the recipes and instructions by clicking the button below.