"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness"

- Mahatma Gandhi

Est. 1984

Cloth House stocks a mixture of new and vintage products which are carefully curated and always changing. We go to great lengths to source beautiful fabrics and products from all over the world, working closely with local textile traders and artisans and upholding traditional skills. We want to help the communities we work with, support their local economies and improve their self sufficiency. By doing this we can help give independence to the smaller companies and family businesses we buy from.

We stock a huge variety of beautiful fabric, from hand printed cotton to washed linen, workwear denim and vintage habedashery. As well as a huge variety of natural cloth we also stock interesting technical fabrics, jersey and wool. We do not sell leather or suede, instead choosing to source high quality alternatives. For many years we have steered clear of using any materials that may be harmful to the environment, all of our packaging is either recycled or recyclable. 

Our broad customer base ranges from home sewers, design students and costume designers for film and theatre. We always love to see what people create with our fabrics. To find out more about our shops, including opening times, please see Contact Us. Or you can browse a representation of our fabrics here.