Japanese Patterns and Symbols

We have a new collection of Japanese printed cottons now online and in-store and we’ve enjoyed learning about the history of the patterns and the symbolism of the characters.

The Rabbit ‘Usagi’ is thought of as a lucky animal and is a symbol of cleverness and devotion. It is associated with spring with connotations of birth, growth and renewal. Our Japanese Small Rabbit is a small scale multi-directional print on a soft lawn/poplin weight cotton, perfect for shirts and dresses, while our Japanese Rabbit & Wave is a large scale multi-directional print on a slightly heavier textured cotton, for dressmaking and furnishing projects alike.

Waves, or ‘Sagaiha,’ symbolise surges of good luck, power and resilience. Seigaiha Dot is a soft indigo cotton this a small geometric print while Waves is a large scale prints on a crisp textured cotton, for dressmaking and furnishing projects alike.

Japanese folklore state that the crane ‘Tsuru’ lives for 1,000 years, so it is considered a symbol of good fortune and longevity. For this reason they are also assosiated with weddings as a symbol of a long and stable marriage. The Japanese Star depicts ‘Asanoha,’ one of the most tradition japanese pattern. Asanoha represents hemp leaves which are fast growing and durable, therefore the pattern is commonly assosiated with children and the hope that they grow strong and healthy.

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