Undyed Handloomed Cotton and Natural Dyes

Undyed cottons have a beautiful parchment quality, a blank canvas for sewing or dying. From chunky weaves to fine 200 count khadi, woven checks and handloomed muslin gauze - our collection of natural undyed handloomed cottons now in-store and online.

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Dying with real indigo achieves a deep and lively colour full of character.

As each dye batch naturally varies, no matter how experienced the dyer the results will be unpredictable and interesting.

Indigo ages and changes through washing and wearing and becomes more beautiful over time.

We have recipes and instuctions on how to use our dye here.

Natural Dyed Khadi

Our natural dyed handloom cottons are available in 2 weights - fine and sheer or opaque and structured. Natural dyed fabrics should be washed carefully with mild detergent to preserve the colour.

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