Lightweight Mudcloth

Lightweight Mudcloth



This is a light weight cotton dyed using mud. The mud is applied by hand and then dried in the sun. The fabric is stored inside for 6 months to fix the colour and then washed and sun dried once again. As with most natural dyeing it is difficult to produce in the rainy season which means it can take up to a year to complete the process. you can read more about this process on our blog.
Samples available here

*As with all natural dyed fabrics we recommend hand washing this fabric a mild detergent to prevent fading.

Made in Japan, 100% cotton, 114cm wide.

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Europe (2-5 days) £15
Worldwide (4-7 Days) £26
Australia & New Zealand (7 Days) £50
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*Fabric is sold in multiples of 0.5m.
E.g. to order 1.5m please select a quantity of 3.

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