Sujani Quilts

14 November 2023

Sujani is a unique and intricate method of quilting, where the fabric is hand-woven and stuffed while still on the loom.

There are only a few artisans left in Gujarat that have the skill and equipment to make Sujani, so they are rare and precious thing.

The Sujani loom needs to be operated by two people, who sit side-by-side and pass the shuttle (or Cutla) between them.

Together they weave a double cloth, which is interwoven to create small, square pockets. These pockets are then stuffed with cotton wadding, to create a quilted, tile-like texture. This is a complex process and it can take the weavers 2-3 days to complete one quilt. 

Because the wadding is added between the warp and weft threads during the weaving process, rather than sewn in after, the stuffing is kept in place, which makes these quilts very durable.

Each quilt that is woven is unique, and finished with hand embroidered running stitch patterns. An incredible amount of skill and effort creates these truly exceptional textiles.

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