Est. 1984 by founders Jay and Niki

The idea for Cloth House was born from a background in fashion, art, retail and a love of textiles. When we started out, we found a lovely old house in Camden Town which was converted into a warehouse space and from that day became our Cloth House. Starting just in one room, we began collecting, buying and selling, choosing cloth that resonated with us and following our natural instinct. This building lays at the heart of Cloth House and has continued to evolve through the decades.

Gradually our fabric collections formed and grew as we travelled further afield sourcing textiles that we had always loved. We developed a very ‘hands on’ approach by working closely with the artisans, textile traders and families. This meant that we were connected to the whole process ethically and environmentally. Within a few years the whole building was full of beautiful fabrics from around the world. 

In 1994 we expanded and opened a second store in London Soho. We chose Berwick Street because of its history, its collection of tailors and textile shops and its vibrant busy market. We enjoyed an amazing 25 years in Soho, but a busy shop meant we couldn’t focus on the things we loved most, so in 2020 we decided to move back to Camden.

Our Camden studio has always been our hub, and it's where we process our fabrics and develop our collections through washing and dying. We have now collected everything we love under one roof so we can focus on sourcing fantastic fabrics, homeware items and vintage textiles. Choosing the right products has always been important to us as they reflect our values as a business. We try to be conscious of our environmental impact, so we choose not to sell fabrics such as leather or fur, and our packaging is either recycled of recyclable. We are always working towards making Cloth House a more environmentally sustainable company.

Our appreciation of natural textiles has continued to grow, and we love bringing these wonderful fabrics to our many loyal customers. Our broad customer base ranges from home sewers, interior designers and costume makers for film and television. Our customers are all over the world and, as our online fabric shop continues to expand, it’s amazing to see the demand for quality fabrics grow.

Our future plans are to reach more people by doing new things, expanding our work, and enlisting an alternative approach to retail. There is still so much to learn and so many forgotten crafts to explore. We want to grow personally and as a business, always putting quality before quantity and to always do our best with kindness & mindfulness.

Thank you,
Jay & Niki x