12 June 2019
It’s always inspirational when we see what people have made with our fabrics. Catherine Nolan of @Threadsnips obviously has a passion for fabrics and creates such beautiful and functional garments so we asked her some questions about why she took up sewing and how she chooses her fabrics.
What led you to take up sewing as a hobby?
I took up sewing at a point in my life when I was really unhappy. I was working at my first "real" job after college, but it wasn't what I wanted to be doing. I had spent my school years being creative and making things, and I felt like I had lost that. I felt aimless and unproductive, so I started to cast around for different hobbies and crafts to pick up. Sewing was the one that stuck, I think due in a big part to the strong online community. Though it may not always be the healthiest of mindsets, I feel best when I feel productive and creative, and sewing really feeds that.
What do you look for when your shopping for fabrics?
This is tough to define! I think it definitely starts with color, but then lots of other factors are important. Texture is a big one, as is the hand and drape. Yarn dyed fabrics usually win out over prints, and natural fibers over synthetics. In the end, it has to physically feel good to wear and mix in well with the rest of my closet.
What are your favourite patterns to sew?
Lately I've been really enjoying making variations on a couple simple self-drafted patterns. It's so easy to take a basic boxy top and change up the sleeve, add a gathered skirt, or modify the neckline. I probably have half a dozen garments like this, that all started from a really simple shape.
And how much fun is it working in a fabric shop!?
I love it so much! I actually left a very highly paid but creatively stifling job to work at Stonemountain and it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. I went from a very negative environment to a place where I'm surrounded by talented, supportive people who share my passion. And of course I get to look at beautiful fabric all day! Buying for the store is probably my favorite part, but it inevitably leads to buying for myself...definitely the most dangerous part of the job!