A Guide to Furoshiki Wrapping

08 November 2023

The Japanese art of Furoshiki is a method of wrapping a package or present in a simple piece of cloth. This is a practical method of gift wrapping and a great alternative to single use paper wrapping, with the fabric itself becoming a present that can be reused or repurposed as a neck-tie, handkerchief, pocket square or napkin. Furoshiki makes gift wrapping even more personal. In everyday use, lunch boxes, bottles, clothes parcel and presents can be wrapped and carried, with the tie acting as a handle.

All you need to tie Furoshiki is a square piece of cloth. The size of the cloth depends on the size of the parcel, but 50 x 50cm is a popular and versatile size. Light and Medium weight cottons such as our block prints, ikats, Japanese printed poplins and hand-loomed stripes are perfect.

You may wish to finish the raw edges of your fabric with a simple rolled hem or a decorative blanket stitch. Visit our guide here for instructions on how to do so.
Position your item in the centre of the fabric diagonally.

Fold in 2 opposite sides tightly around the item. 

Bring in the edges at the top and bottom to create neat corners, as you would with wrapping paper. 

Bring both corners together tightly and tie in a knot.



The Fabrics used here are Block Print Clef, Classic Seersucker Navy and Block Print Crest.