26 February 2020

Jamdani is a hand loomed muslin fabric featuring motifs of flowers and geometric designs which are woven into the fabric during the weaving process. Immediately precious to touch, this soft cotton is often described as 'woven air' because if how light and translucent it is. On such a fine muslin the woven flowers and motifs appear to float.


This delicate muslin cloth is made using cotton yarns that have been combed and treated with patience and are spun in the mornings to avoid the heat of the sun. Each motif is added by hand during the weaving process using a supplementary thread that is woven between the finer weft threads. This is one of the most labour intensive forms of hand weaving and takes two people sitting side by side to keep count of the threads. The designs are kept in the weavers heads and they count the threads as they go to keep track of where the next motif starts. 


Jamdani is one of the most traditional crafts and it has a rich history. We have always stocked Jamdani in our store and we want to support the craft and protect the heritage of the fabric. There has been a decline in traditional handloom weaving since the early 19th century, because of industrialisation and the increase in foreign imports, so traditionally made Jamdani are becoming harder to source. Often the only way to ensure the fabric is being prepared traditionally and dyed with natural dye is to visit the weavers themselves and to watch the process.


Jamdani is beautiful to wear and is a versatile fabric popular with makers and fashion designers alike. It is one of the lightest and coolest cloths, perfect for saris, summer shirts and dresses or draped as curtains.


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