Mud Cloth

05 May 2020

Our cotton Mudcloth is a really incredible fabric, both in the labour intensive steps of production, and in the amazing results this process generates. 

The cotton fabric is naturally dyed by hand using mud. The base fabric is initially soaked in a natural mordant made from plant seeds which helps fix the dye to the fabric and prevent fading. The mud is then applied by hand to one side of the fabric and the fabric is laid out to dry in the sun. At first the mud is grey but the fabric is then stored inside and over time the colour develops into this warm brown and rust colour. It takes 6 months in storage to fix the dye and to achieve this deep colour, after which the fabric is washed and sun-dried once again.

The time it takes to achieve the required colour and result can be heavily impacted by the rainy season, which means it can take up to a year to complete the process of production.

Due to the method of production the colour of the Mudcloth can vary from batch to batch, making it a truly unique fabric. And, as with most naturally dyed fabric, the charm and character continues to develop as the colours marble and gradually fade with washing and wearing.

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