The Right Fabric For Pyjamas

06 November 2023

The gift of a good night’s sleep makes pyjamas a popular gift at Christmas, and we often have customers wishing to make their own sets. A quality pair of pyjamas is not only a treat, but also provides comfort and temperature regulation throughout the night, which is why choosing the right fabric is so important.

Different fabrics, and their fibres, have specific properties that make them more suitable for sleepwear requirements. Here is a run-down of our favourite fabric choices for making pyjamas, sleepwear and bedding.

To keep cool

Double muslin

Our Japanese Double Muslin is an incredibly soft fabric made of two layers of cotton muslin, which are stitched together to create a fabric which is lightweight, opaque and has a soft structure. This double layer also ensures the fabric is breathable, insulating and absorbent, and gives the fabric a lovely, crumpled texture once washed, like a cheesecloth. Double muslins are popular for pyjamas and for baby clothes and blankets. Visit our Double Muslin collection.


Synonymous with warm weather, Seersucker is a lightweight cotton with a crinkly textured stripe. This texture means that the fabric naturally sits away from the skin and creates air pockets, making seersucker a cool cotton to wear in hot weather. This incredibly versatile fabric is popular for shirts and dresses, as well as nightwear and bed linens. Our seersuckers are available in plain colours, stripes, and gingham checks. Visit our Seersucker collection. 


Hand loomed cotton is soft and lightweight by nature, often with a slightly slubby texture and a loose weave. These characteristics make it an excellent fabric for circulating air and keeping cool. Cotton handlooms are available in a range of plain colours, stripes and checks. Visit our Handloom collection.

To keep warm

Brushed cotton flannel

Brushed cotton is popular choice during the colder months. 100% cotton is a breathable cloth, while the brushed texture acts as an insulator by trapping warm air against the body. This soft cotton is popular for shirts and shirt dresses and is incredibly popular for pyjamas and bedding. Visit our Brushed Cotton Flannel collection. 

Moisture Wicking & Anti-bacterial


Linen is a soft and drapey fabric, made from Flax fibres which are hollow. The fibres are very absorbent which means they’re moisture wicking, and allow air to move around naturally which means they are quick drying. They are also anti-bacterial which makes linen a popular choice for pyjamas and bedding, and it even gets softer with every wash. Visit our Linen collection. 


Patterned poplin

Our Japanese prints come in a range of weights and styles, from crisp poplins to fine cotton voiles, and are printed in a mixture of soft pastel florals, block colours, geometrics, and paisley designs. Visit our Patterned Cotton collection.


Cotton & Linen mix gingham makes the best of both of cotton's and linen's properties. With 70% linen and 30% cotton, these tonal ginghams have a beautiful parchment like quality, and they wash really well.

Block Print

Bright patterns are hand printed on soft, lightweight, and fine hand-loomed cotton, which are perfect for keeping cool. In a wide range of floral and geometric designs, these prints are fun to mix and match. Visit our Block Print Collection.

For Robes

Waffle & towelling

The 3-dimensional face of waffle fabric makes it an incredibly absorbent fabric. The honeycomb texture helps to circulate air, and the large surface area means that the fabric dries quickly, making waffle very popular for towels and bath robes. Heavier Lido linens are double width and the natural properties of linen make it an excellent choice too. Click on the photos to visit the fabrics.

Ready Made

Visit our Homeware collection to view our bath robes, quilts and cushions.