27 November 2020

Incense has been used in ceremonies and celebrations for centuries, throughout many different cultures.

Incense is typically made from plant based aromatics that are formed into sticks or cones to be burned. Typical aromatic ingredients include barks such as cinnamon, woods such as sandalwood and palo santo, resins such as myrrh and flowers such as jasmine and rose. These botanicals are ground down and mixed with oils and combustible charcoal or wood powder to produce a stick or cone that will slowly smoulder and release fragrant smoke.


Because scents can summon a range of feelings, thoughts and memories, the burning of incense can help the brain to disassociate from the body. This is why incense is popular for meditations and spiritual rituals, as it inspires a sense of peace.

It is believed that different ingredients and scents can provoke different results. Some incense is thought to aid sleep (chamomile), some to ignite creativity (citrus) and some to boost our serotonin (rose.) The burning of incense is also thought to cleanse a spaces atmosphere and repel any bad energy, especially sage or palo santo.

Our Chandan Dhoop incense is a sandalwood fragrance. Sandalwood is thought to promote relaxation and meditation while helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Dhoop incense is an extruded stick, portioned into logs of concentrated scent.