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Matka Silk

19 July 2021

Matka silk is a handloom silk fabric made from the cocoons of the Bombyx Mori silkworm, commonly known as the mulberry worm, a species who feeds exclusively on the leaves of the Mulberry tree. But whereas Mulberry silk is made from the longer, more uniform filaments that make up the cocoon, Matka silk is made from the shorter fibres that are left. These fibres are collected and stored in a clay pot called a Matka, before being spun into yarns. The sericin gum is left on the fibres to help maintain strength, creating a thicker yarn with a more uneven rustic texture.

Weaving with these yarns produces a thicker weave of silk which has a coarse slubby texture that resembles linen or tweed. While being soft, lightweight and drapey, Matka silk is also strong and easy to sew making it a versatile fabric popular for dresses, sarees and suits. The Irregularities in the texture enhance the unique character of the hand-spun and hand loomed fabric.

This Matka silk has been washed by us to give it a soft crumpled texture. There are many beneficial properties of silk. It is a breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator. Silk is strong, hypoallergenic and is a natural fungal repellant.