Selvedge Denim

13 November 2019
Selvedge Denim has experienced a resurgence in the last decade as mass production loses favour to traditional crafts and high quality, long lasting fabrics.
Selvedge Denims are woven on small shuttle looms, which means the fabric is narrow and has a finished edge called a selvedge, or self-edge. This selvedge prevents the denim from fraying and is incorporated into the production of the jeans as a sign of quality. The coloured line on the selvedge was originally used to identify which mill the fabric had been produced in.


The weaving of selvedge denim denotes a slower and more traditional craft process. There will often be variations in the surface, due to inconsistencies in the weaving process, which make the denims unique, that’s why we love it. Some of our selvedge denim is raw denim, which is an unwashed, stiffer fabric, while others are washed and faded.

You can order samples of our selvedge denims here or browse our online selection here.