RHEN - Bespoke Clothing

25 October 2020

One of our cherished Cloth House team members has launched a bespoke clothing company that we just so happen to admire and adore.

'“RHEN makes for men and women, often blurring the line between the two. Each garment is made with movement in mind, for ease of living and the pleasure of comfort. Natural fibres are a great inspiration in the design process bringing texture, longevity and functionality to the finished piece.”

Rosalind, who after 11 years as a professional dancer has re-trained in Mens Tailoring on Savile Row, works on a made-to-order basis, with all garments being designed and created in her a small studio in South East London. A great portion of each garment is made by hand, honouring age-old tailoring techniques. Her Baggies have become a staple trouser amongst our team and they look incredible on everyone, whether constructed in handwoven cotton, linen or washed wool.

For more information about Rosalind and RHEN please visit their website.